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Terms & Conditions

This App is the intellectual property of Rich Earth

  • Purchases

No purchase is finalised until payment is made, and confirmation of purchase has been received.​

  • Payment Methods

Available methods of payment are set by the individual seller and can include Paypal, Stripe or Cash. No cash transaction is completed until the buyer has inspected the purchase and paid in full. Receipts should be provided for cash purchases on request. ​

  • Refunds & Replacements

All buyers are entitled to a refund under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) if the product is not of good quality and does not match the sellers description.​ 

Rich Earth complies with all aspects of ACL which regulates and protects the rights of both buyers and sellers. 

Refunds must be processed by the seller using the same payment method with which the purchase was made. 

All replacement produce must be of the same quality, description, weight, and price as the advertised produce. 

  • Selling

All sellers must write accurate descriptions and include relevant photos for produce they are selling. All flaws and faults should be clearly included in the description.​

All produce sold is to be of high quality and grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. It is the Seller's obligation to ensure that they comply with all Local & State Government policies on the safe handling and storage of food.

For free training on your local food handling procedures and policies, go to DoFoodSafely.

All sellers must have completed the DoFoodSafely assessment to become a verified seller on Rich Earth. 

Buyers must always be able to inspect goods on collection. 

  • Disputes

Buyers and Sellers are encouraged to interact directly and in a spirit of good faith to resolve any issues. All communications between buyers and sellers must remain polite and respectful at all times, even in a dispute process. Individuals who fail to maintain a civil approach will be banned from the App. ​

If a dispute cannot be resolved, then buyers and sellers may contact Rich Earth for dispute resolution. All decisions made by the dispute team are final. 

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