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Grow, Share, Prosper

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About Us

We want people growing their own fruit and veg to be able to sell to their neighbours, and those in their community - so we've created a platform that makes it easy. 

We want everyone to be able to be able to find fresh, safely grown and quality produce, in their own neighbourhood.

Stay Active, 
Stay Healthy, 
Stay Connected.

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Features List


Seasonal Produce

Find the freshest of seasonal foods in gardens near you.

Search as locally as you choose

Search within an area that suits your way of getting around.


Sell your spare fruit & vegetables

Make money from the produce you grow in your own garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Rich Earth actually do?


How are we different from other marketplaces?

Rich Earth connects buyers and growers within the same area.

It gives small scale growers the chance to sell directly from the garden to the local community.

It gives the buyer the ability to access fresh, quality produce near home and connect to the people who grow it.

The Social Benefits of Rich Earth

  • Promotes smarter, more sustainable urban food production

  • Reduces fuel & power use involved in the transport & storage of food.

  • Promotes urban biodiversity

  • Promotes greater nutrition and food equity in disadvantaged areas

  • Decreases single use plastics in food packaging

  • Encourages greater community interaction & a healthier lifestyle

Rich Earth focuses solely on fresh produce. Our purpose is simple, and we aim to do it well - and rather than taking you to vast marketplaces that span great distances, we focus on connecting you to growers near you on the map. 

Community and food security are at the core of our app, and our aim is to create healthier, happier urban spaces. 

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